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Re: [oscar] NoClassDefFoundError, why?


Everything in the bundle is not necessarily visible. The default value for Bundle-ClassPath is ".", which means that you see what is in the bundle. However, if you include anything on the Bundle-ClassPath, then you must explicitly include "." too, otherwise you won't see what is in the bundle. Make sense?

If this is what you have done, then send me personally (not to the list) your bundle and I will figure out what is wrong.

-> richard

Edward Povazan wrote:


I guess I don't understand something, but I can't see what it is. I have a package hiearchy:

The activator loads fine, start() is called which creates my service. service = new Service() -> NoClassDefFoundError

I have set Bundle-Activator: ...bundle.Activator which is fine. But why can't the classloader see the service implementation? Isn't everything inside a bundle visible to the bundle classes? The class is in the bundle (made sure!), I execute the update command, then start and NoClassDefFoundError.

-Edward Povazan


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