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Re: [oscar] Bundle Development

Richard S. Hall wrote:

There are several people on the list who use Eclipse for bundle development, so they might be able to help you with hints. I use Eclipse too, but for the most part I just use it as an advanced text editor and don't really know much about it.

As for me, I do use Eclipse for text editing, compiling, debugging, running an Oscar console, ... but I still rely on Ant for the creation of bundles (this can also be triggered from Eclipse). IBM's WSDD has some embedded plug-ins to even better integrate OSGi into Eclipse. However, I think it is better to start with writing Ant scripts by hand to get a good feeling on how that works.

FYI, in May 2004, we had a thread on the oscar-devel mail list about packaging bundles: how to be able to provide a bundle that is self-compiling without embedding too much into the jar and which can also still use other services. Maybe there is some explanation on the website but I found nothing.


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