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Re: [oscar] Exported package not exported

Do you actually have bundles that cannot resolve because of this? (i.e., did you try and fail to resolve a bundle that depends on those libraries?)

It could be that the way I am calculating which packages are "in use" depends on whether they are actually being used or not...

-> richard

Edward Povazan wrote:


I am stumped. I have this line
Export-Package: com.ticktonic.runtime, com.ticktonic.command
in my manifest. The bundle is installed and started.

-> ps
   ID   State         Level  Name
[  14] [Active     ] [    4] TickTonic Runtime (1.0)

-> headers 14
Export-Package = com.ticktonic.runtime, com.ticktonic.command

-> packages 14
TickTonic Runtime (14)
No active exported packages.

I checked that I am using my latest jar, uninstalled/reinstalled etc etc. And I am not even sleepy :) so what am I missing?

Thanks for any hints as I am stuck right now, since my project needs its runtime!



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