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Re: [oscar] Another alpha

Marcel Offermans wrote:

Under the new rules, a lot of packages that were available through the JDK are no longer visible. Let's assume I want to make use of them. Is there some way to create a bundle that "exports" these packages through its manifest to make them available? If such a mechanism would work, you could create a situation where on one platform a manifest-only bundle would expose them, whilst on another platform, such a bundle would actually include all those classes.

There is a property called "org.osgi.framework.systemPackages" that allows you to expose class path packages via the System Bundle.

So, the short answer to your question is "no" you cannot do it from a bundle manifest. But the long answer is that you can use the mechanism above to get the same effect. On some platforms the System Bundle may export a lot and on others it may all be provided by bundles.

One of the reasons for this approach in the first place was to make bundles more portable and to make it possible to provide alternative implementations of packages that are normally found on the class path. For example, it is not possible to provide a different implementation of Swing, whereas before this was not possible.

Or are there other ways to solve this? An example of an implementation of this mechanism would be JMX. In J2SE 5.0 it is included (API and implementation) and on older VM's one could revert to using something like MX4J.

I think the above configuration property will do the trick.

-> richard

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