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Re: [oscar] Another alpha

Marcel Offermans wrote:

If you set the property and the system bundle exports a package, is there a way to "override" this export by providing a bundle which exports the same package? I mean, you can't stop the system bundle or modify its exports, so that might make providing updates a bit harder.

First of all, this mechanism is purely for exposing packages on the system class path, thus there will probably be no easy to provide updates to these packages at all, since they are not really part of a bundle but are part of the JRE.

Also, remember in the alpha release of Oscar, it is possible to have multiple versions of the same package available at the same time. Thus, even if the system bundle is exporting it, you can supply your own version and have your bundles use that version instead.

Agreed, the manifest idea was not that good. But providing a mechanism to change the value dynamically would give you more flexibility because then you can let some kind of provisioning agent decide what to export and what not, depending on the application you are deploying. And because such an agent usually installs bundles, the idea for using the manifest was born.

Whatever agent deploys the framework is the one that would have to make the decision about what is exported by the system bundle from the system class path.

On the other hand, these features we're discussing now are only really useful if they become part of some future version of the OSGi standard, otherwise you can't depend on them.

I will do what I can. ;-)

-> richard

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