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Re: [oscar] UIs in osgi


We have used OSGi as a platform to develop the UI for a commercial application (which is itself also OSGi based). We made use of servicebinder so in fact, our actual UI components are generic and not OSGi specific, since servicebinder does the service injection and dependency management.

General servicebinder info is here:


A paper that Richard wrote, which uses our app as an example is here:


Some comments

stefanhenke@xxxxxx wrote:

In general, bundles provide functionality to other bundles.
The problem you're having ius your own description is limiting your imagination - think bigger ! Bundles can do anything, quite literally, e.g. render a main Swing frame, provide a Swing panel or component to be layed out in some other Swing frame.
I think it should also be possible to create components that can be started on behalf of an user to show an UI he can interact with and execute some operations.
Perfectly possible

How can this be down in osgi? I´m thinking to create a bundle and call its 
operation to start the UI within the start operation of the bundle. Is this the 
right approach

Just make sure some of your bundles deal with the UI specific components you 
need e.g.

- splash
- domain model (or remote server connection, proxies, etc. however you get or 
connect to your domain object model)
- data binding model (assuming this is needed and isn't part of the above) - actions model (assuming this is needed and isn't part of the above)
- menu
- toolbar
- main frame
- help
etc. etc.

All in all, I can say it's provided us with a useful and modular way to build UI code.


-- Rob

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