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ServiceBinder 1.1 with scripting features

Hi all

I have just released experimental version of ServiceBinder (named SBS for ServiceBinderScripting) that enables to develop SB components with scripting languages such as such as JavaScript, Jython, Jacl, BeanShell, NetRexx, JRuby, JudoScript, Groovy, ObjectScript ... However only the manager for JavaScript is currently implemented and needs to be polished (as Rick said).

This could be useful for rapid (service) prototyping.

The main page is http://www-adele.imag.fr/~donsez/dev/osgi/servicebinderscripting/index.scripting.html
and gives some examples of "scripted components".

For example,  a shell command requiring a service

metadata+script can be packaged in a bundle as in ServiceBinder1.1 or install/start/stop from the scriptbinder command http://www-adele.imag.fr/~donsez/dev/osgi/scriptbinder/readme.html

The command lines in the following file shows a demonstration of SBS


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