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UPnP Base Driver 2.0 Ready

Hi All, 
we are glad to announce UPnP Base Driver version 2.0 is ready, 
and you can download it at: 
or by OBR 
New features are: 
- Improved memory footprint, now the is less than 300 KByte!! That
because we now use JAXP (not more Xerces), and we removed the code for
leasing management no more needed with the recent Cyberlink lib 
- More UPnP compatibility, due to the upgrade to CyberLink 1.7. Anyway
we always include a modified version of Cyberlink lib with patches that
solve some problems (not all) discovered in our testing. 
- Integration with the Log Service specification. Now we use the log
service when installed, otherwise we direct the logging information to
the System.out . In this case a bundle property is used: 
domoware.upnpbase.log=0-4 (the same log service levels) 
We also provide the activation of Cyberlink debug by means of the bundle
The Cyberlink debug information is always direct to the System.out 
Please consider this release a beta version 
Known issues are: 
- We noticed some times a reset connection error. We suppose due to the
errata configuration of Keep-Alive and Content-length parameters in the
connection. If you trace our code please pay attention to these
parameters, any suggestion is welcome. 
The source code is more readable now, yes only a little bit more, but
using the debug level you get a lot of information (we trace also the
HTTP packets and the received Notify) 
Finally, next week we would like release a new version of CP if you need
a particular feature this is the right time to speak about it. 
More datail releted to bug fixed and new feature can be found at: 
Domoware team  

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