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Uninstall of System Bundles


is it correct that bundles that are listed in the activation list of Oscar's 
constructor can not be uninstalled?

Or could it be that something else is hanging around preventing the system 
from unload?? For instance, I *am* in the middle of "start-up", and something 
went wrong which prompt the immediate shutdown.

If the former, does that also mean; The system bundles are not persisted by 
Oscar itself, and next time the same profile is instantiated, I have no 
'luggage' from a previous invocation??

Related; When starting Oscar from commandline, I get a "System Bundle" on 
Id=0, which says it exports the Framework itself, packageadmin and 
startlevel. It looks like a "must have". Is this a bundle I need to make part 
of the initial activator list for the Oscar constructor or will Oscar append 
that automatically? 


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