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Re: [oscar] Uninstall of System Bundles

Niclas Hedhman wrote:


is it correct that bundles that are listed in the activation list of Oscar's constructor can not be uninstalled?

You cannot uninstall activators that are passed into Oscar's constructor, because they are not really bundles. They are just treated as part of the System Bundle, which is a special bundle that represents the framework and cannot be uninstalled itself.

I am mulling the concept of a virtual bundle to use for Oscar's constructor instead of the activators and for that it might be possible to uninstall the passed in virtual bundles. However, you still would not be able to uninstall the System Bundle.

If the former, does that also mean; The system bundles are not persisted by Oscar itself, and next time the same profile is instantiated, I have no 'luggage' from a previous invocation??

No, there is nothing persisted. The activators are just treated as an extension to the System Bundle, they are not really bundles themselves, nor is the System Bundle a bundle itself.

Related; When starting Oscar from commandline, I get a "System Bundle" on Id=0, which says it exports the Framework itself, packageadmin and startlevel. It looks like a "must have". Is this a bundle I need to make part of the initial activator list for the Oscar constructor or will Oscar append that automatically?

The System Bundle always exist. It is the only bundle that always exists. If you pass in activators to Oscar's constructor, there will still only be the single System Bundle in the created Oscar instance.

-> richard

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