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Re: [oscar] Why R4 removes some specification related to JINI?


However, this doesn't mean that you should give up on Jini + OSGi...it
still makes sense to try to combine the two, so keep working around it.
The only issue was that there were no OSGi Alliance members willing (or
with the resources) to push it. More research and activity in this area
could always lead to more support in the future.

-> richard


I talked to BJ Hargrave about it at the OSGi Congress. He told me that there 
was no real support for this part of the spec. On the contrary the connection 
between UPnP and OSGi gained tremendous momentum. So UPnP is kept and Jini is 
abandoned... These two specifications were only recommendations in R3.



De : siim [mailto:siim@xxxxxxxxx] Envoyé : vendredi 14 octobre 2005 05:32
À : community@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; oscar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; 
Objet : [oscar] Why R4 removes some specification related to JINI?

   Hello all,

I wonder why OSGi R4 removes some specification related to JINI.

I couldn't find any reason about it in specification documents, OSG_ 
R4.cmpn.pdf and OSGi_R4.core.pdf.

Are there any guy know the reson?

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