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Resolving and Wiring in R4

Hi, all

Question and brain teaser :

I've got the following setup

Bundle A imports package r with a version range [1,3) = > A imp r [1,3) and exports package p version 2 with the using directive r => A exp p v 2 using r

Now I've got two bundles :

B exp r v 2
C exp r v 1

Resolving those three bundles cause the A import been wired to the B export, sindce the version of package r in B has is greater.

What happens if I would install a bundle D?

D imp p [2,3)
D imp r [1, 1]

D cannot be resolved because wiring of p cause the implied constraint pv2 (of bundle A uses r version 2 of B),

Jet, if A would have wired to C (wich is valid, only not the higest version number , for example install C first)
D can be resolved.

Am I missing something?
Anyone hase some thoughts about it?


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