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Re: [oscar] Resolving and Wiring in R4

The gist of your point is correct. It may be possible to resolve more bundles one way than the other. Of course, determining this for incrementally installed bundles would be a pain and would require unresolving and refreshing and ugly things like that.

It would be possible to determine this information when resolving a set of already installed bundles, but this is not required by the spec, since it could end up being a costly operation.

-> richard

Nico Goeminne wrote:

Hi, all

Question and brain teaser :

I've got the following setup

Bundle A imports package r with a version range [1,3) = > A imp r [1,3) and exports package p version 2 with the using directive r => A exp p v 2 using r

Now I've got two bundles :

B exp r v 2
C exp r v 1

Resolving those three bundles cause the A import been wired to the B export, sindce the version of package r in B has is greater.

What happens if I would install a bundle D?

D imp p [2,3)
D imp r [1, 1]

D cannot be resolved because wiring of p cause the implied constraint pv2 (of bundle A uses r version 2 of B),

Jet, if A would have wired to C (wich is valid, only not the higest version number , for example install C first)
D can be resolved.

Am I missing something?
Anyone hase some thoughts about it?



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