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Re: [oscar] Re: Http Service


I just did some research and yes, Jetty supports a configurable thread pool and customizable database connection pooling. That’s excellent! However, I’m curious as to what was the approach taken to add the “OSGi conformance” you mentioned.  What will it take for example, to make the underlying servlet container pluggable? Did this require any tweaking on the Jetty side?

That sounds good.

There are some quite trikcy differences between the way most HTTP Servers work, and what is needed by the OSGi service:

- most HTTP servers take a "class name" for Servlets, and instantiate the class for you. The OSGi interface is to pass in an actual Servlet instance.

- the OSGi HttpContext handling requires that the context be wired back into the bundle registering the alias. Also, where two registrations share the same context, they need to be able to both access the same context object. That was also fairly tricky to figure out.

- we also had a number of problems ensuring that session details  and parameters were correctly preserved and passed across consecutive calls to different Servlets

All in all, none of the above took much code - just a bit of mind bending to figure how to do it.

-- Rob

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