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Re: [oscar] Re: Http Service


Thanks for all the helpful information.  It sounds like a lot of mental effort went into implementing the service.  I’m aware that Jetty is sufficient in many cases.  However, we might have some customer sites that want to stay with their current servlet servers like Tomcat.  Will a generic http service be a future direction for your bundle?

I wouldn't rule this out, but I'd say our first goal will always be to offer a bundle which is as close to compliance with the OSGi HttpService specification as possible. At present we're pretty close to this in terms of the R3 OSGi spec.

To be honest - if someone wanted to keep their servlet servers in Tomcat, I'm not sure where OSGi would fit in that picture. If they're already running Tomcat and are happy with that, there wouldn't seem to be much scope for OSGi getting in the mix - unless the bundle somehow embedded Tomcat as it does Jetty, or alternatively acted in some way as a component manager within  Tomcat (a bit like Eclipse embeds OSGi, but it's not really visible - it's a hidden way they manage their modular architecture). Neither of these seems to offer very much though - unless I'm missing something?

Now of course if the OSGi HttpService is updated to be a more generic service, then that is something we would certainly want to look at our bundle being compatible with.

P.S.  In the last OSGi Alliance congress, there was a presentation on infusing OSGi technology into a J2EE container (JOnAS).  But what I’d like to see is the ability to control the servlet or J2EE container within the OSGi framework which is the other way around. Any comments will be appreciated.

I'm not really a j2EE expert I'm afraid - j2se is my field. You might want to touch base with the ObjectWeb Jonas guys. I believe that under the hood Jonas and Oscar share a common classloader architecture, so it's possible there are other areas of scope for this.


-- Rob

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