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Re: [architecture] Geronimo and OSGi

Thanks you Philippe

Just a presentation of FROGi in english.


Philippe Merle a écrit :


Pierre-Yves Gibello wrote:

I don't know what is the position of the JOnAS team regarding this, but
I think we have a kind of "Fractal vs OSGi" issue at OW (although I'm
not sure both approaches address the same problem, and I'm not even sure
they are uncompatible).

Fractal and OSGi are not uncompatible. See the paper "FROGi :
déploiement de composants Fractal sur OSGi" presented at the DECOR 2004 conference.

OSGi provides a runtime structure where bundles/services/code could be deployed dynamically (ie installed, updated, uninstalled, etc).
OSGi provides also a service register that allows services to discover
and connect them together.
OSGi is adequate for software requiring a structured plug-in mechanism.
This is why it is used in Eclipse and in home/vehicle gateways.

Fractal provides a ligthweight extensible component model where:
* software architectures could be clearly expressed (see Fractal ADL)
* applications could be dynamically and safely reconfigurated
* functional and non functional aspects could be separated
This is why Fractal is used to build some ObjectWeb middleware like
DREAM, JADE, GOTM, Speedo, etc.

Next ObjectWeb application servers should be build on top of
OSGi and Fractal together. And we should stop to opposite these
two complementary software technologies.

Philippe Merle
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