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Re: [oscar] Using Oscar remotely

Check out the HTTP Shell bundle or the telnetd bundle for HTTP and telnet 
access, respectively. Both are available from OBR. Note: For shell access 
with telnetd you must set the shell property in the lib/bundle.properties 
file; check the Oscar usage doc and the telnetd doc for more details.

-> richard

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From:  David Leangen <osgi@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subj:  [oscar] Using Oscar remotely
Date:  Tue 13. Dec 2005 5:38 pm
Size:  289 bytes
To:  oscar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am just getting started with Oscar (and OSGi for that matter) and am 
very pleased so far.

Could somebody point me to some implementation that can get me started 
using Oscar remotely? At this point, any kind of remote access is fine 
(http, ssh shell, whatever).

Thank you!

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