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problems related to context in Oscar

Hello all,
I have a mica sensor board which receives the light intensity levels from mica2 sensor boards. What I wanted to do is when the light intensity goes below a certain threshold , a certain bundle gets installed and becomes active.
Now, here's what I did (for explanation only):
class Activator
public static BundleContext context;
context is given here.
check intensity();
class B
Bundle myBundle;
 if (intensity < threshold)
  myBundle = Activator.context.installBundle("file:hello.jar");
Now, when I install the bundle on Oscar, it starts receiving the values sent by the sensors. However, when the value goes below the threshold, the bundle hangs. It does not receive anymore values. It does not even install the bundle. However, the exact same set up runs fine on knopflerfish. I believe there is some problem related context in Oscar. Can anybody tell me what's so different between Oscar and Knopflerfish that my bundle works on one and does not work on the other?

Dinesh Bhat


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