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Re: [oscar] problems related to context in Oscar

Dinesh Bhat wrote:

Thanks for replying. Version of Oscar 1.0.5. I did not try it on any other versions/felix. I am starting a different thread to do the job. But, shouldn't the context be same if I am using *Activator.context.installBundle *()? Quite surprisingly, I wrote a test bundle to install another bundle and that worked fine on Oscar too.

It sounds like a deadlock issue to me. Oscar 1.0.x was more conservative in its concurrency control. Oscar 2.0 beta/Felix use a more fine-grained approach.

Will try on 2.0 a few days later. I dont have the programming boards with me right now. Really wanted everything to be on Oscar for the demonstration that I have tomorrow. But...there's no time before that.

Sorry about that...we will track it down when you have the time.

-> richard

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