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Re: Oscar with JNI and Windows CE

I would guess the issue is that the osname and processor values are not getting properly mapped. What does System.getProperty() return for these values on Win CE? Trying setting your the properties in the manifest to the exact values reported by System.getProperty() on Win CE.

-> richard

Corentin FOUGERAY wrote:

I'm currently trying to build an application with Oscar on a Symbol device
on Windows CE using a bar code scanner. To use the scanner, Symbol
provides a JAR containing APIs using JNI on a DLL. My bundle contains the
embedded JAR and DLL and my application, here is the manifest :

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Bundle-Name: ScanUI
Bundle-Version: 1.0.0
Bundle-Activator: test.scanui.ScanUIActivator
Bundle-ClassPath: .
Bundle-Description: Fenetre utilisant le scanner
Bundle-ClassPath: .,symbolclasses.jar
Bundle-NativeCode: /SymbolJavaApi.dll; osname=Windows CE; processor=ARM

And the structure of my bundle :


The application works but only if I put the DLL in the \Windows directory,
that is the JNI doesn't load the embedded DLL :( How can I work around
this? Do you have some hints about the "osname" and "processor" argument
of the Bundle-NativeCode instruction? Maybe they are wrong (I use Windows
CE 5.0 on an Intel XScale processor)...

Thanks for your help!

Corentin Fougeray

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