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Re: [oscar] Oscar hangs while creating cache

My first guess is that Oscar cannot find the system.properties file, which is typically located in the same directory as the oscar.jar file. If it cannot be found here, then it tries the current directory.

If Oscar cannot find this file, then it cannot find the auto-start property, which tells it which bundles to automatically start; thus, you end up with no shell which can look like a deadlock, but it is not.

See if this is the case.

-> richard

David Lindelöf wrote:
Hello all,

When I try to run Oscar on a UNC90 platform, running on an ARM9 with a
JFFS2 file system, I reach the point where Oscar prompts for the profile
name but then it hangs indefinitely.

After killing the process I see that the .oscar/profilename directories
were created correctly but they are empty.

Has anyone any idea why this happens?

Thanks in advance,
David Lindelöf
Product Developer
Adhoco AG
Jagerstrasse 2
8406 Winterhur
tel +41-52-203.2903
mob +41-79-415.6641
fax +41-52-203.2904
e-mail david.lindelof@xxxxxxxxxx
url http://www.adhoco.com
weblog http://visnet.ch/~lindelof/smartbuildings/

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