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Re: [oscar] Oscar hangs while creating cache

I've verified this, and these are the contents of the lib/ directory:

/mnt # ls lib
moduleloader.jar   oscar.jar          osgi.jar

The contents of the system.properties file are the following:

/mnt # cat lib/system.properties
oscar.auto.start.1=file:bundle/shell.jar file:bundle/shelltui.jar \

I have not copied over anything else than the Oscar/lib/ directory. To
start Oscar, I run

/mnt # mika -jar lib/oscar.jar

(mika is a Java Virtual Machine for our platform).

On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 08:56 -0500, Richard S. Hall wrote:
> My first guess is that Oscar cannot find the system.properties file, 
> which is typically located in the same directory as the oscar.jar file. 
> If it cannot be found here, then it tries the current directory.
> If Oscar cannot find this file, then it cannot find the auto-start 
> property, which tells it which bundles to automatically start; thus, you 
> end up with no shell which can look like a deadlock, but it is not.

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