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Re: [oscar] Oscar hangs while creating cache

David Lindelöf wrote:
I've verified this, and these are the contents of the lib/ directory:

/mnt # ls lib
moduleloader.jar   oscar.jar          osgi.jar

The contents of the system.properties file are the following:

/mnt # cat lib/system.properties
oscar.auto.start.1=file:bundle/shell.jar file:bundle/shelltui.jar \

I have not copied over anything else than the Oscar/lib/ directory.

I think this last sentence highlights the issue, the shell bundles have not been copied over. Notice the "oscar.auto.start.1" property in the system.properties file; it lists the location of the bundles that it is going to start. It expects to find them relative to the current directory in "bundle/"...

So, you need to copy over the bundle/ directory with at least those three bundles. Note, you can edit the auto-start property to specify absolute paths to the bundles, if you don't want them specified relatively.

-> richard

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