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Re: [oscar] Oscar hangs while creating cache

It is certainly a step forward, but the system still hangs.

What I usually do when this happens is to start Oscar on my PC,
install/update the necessary bundles my team has developed, shut Oscar
down and then copy over the entire cache directory to the UNC90.

When I then start Oscar with the oscar.cache.dir property set to this
"handmade" cache, it starts correctly and the shell appears.

However, when I shut Oscar down on the UNC90, and then restart it, I get
a series of exceptions, thus:

/mnt # mika -Doscar.cache.dir=/nfs/cache -jar lib/oscar.jar

Welcome to Oscar.

Enter profile name: adhoco

Oscar: Exception while re-installing

And the bundle in question is absent from the list of installed bundles.
This happens only to our bundles that have been started.

On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 09:34 -0500, Richard S. Hall wrote:
> I think this last sentence highlights the issue, the shell bundles have 
> not been copied over. Notice the "oscar.auto.start.1" property in the 
> system.properties file; it lists the location of the bundles that it is 
> going to start. It expects to find them relative to the current 
> directory in "bundle/"...
> So, you need to copy over the bundle/ directory with at least those 
> three bundles. Note, you can edit the auto-start property to specify 
> absolute paths to the bundles, if you don't want them specified relatively.
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