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Re: [oscar] Oscar hangs while creating cache

David Lindelöf wrote:
It is certainly a step forward, but the system still hangs.

What I usually do when this happens is to start Oscar on my PC,
install/update the necessary bundles my team has developed, shut Oscar
down and then copy over the entire cache directory to the UNC90.

When I then start Oscar with the oscar.cache.dir property set to this
"handmade" cache, it starts correctly and the shell appears.

However, when I shut Oscar down on the UNC90, and then restart it, I get
a series of exceptions, thus:

/mnt # mika -Doscar.cache.dir=/nfs/cache -jar lib/oscar.jar

Welcome to Oscar.

Enter profile name: adhoco

Oscar: Exception while re-installing
And the bundle in question is absent from the list of installed bundles.
This happens only to our bundles that have been started.

Sounds strange. This is not something that I can easily debug, since I don't have access to the hardware you are trying to run on. To me, it still doesn't sound like a deadlock issue, but some sort of configuration/file system issue.

Seems like the first task would be to try to figure out precisely why the above exception is being thrown. That exception is being thrown in Oscar.java when the framework is initializing (search for "re-installing"), so try to print out the stack trace to see what the actual exception is and who is throwing it.

-> richard

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