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Re: [oscar] Disadvantages

Hello David,

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 19:50, David Lindelöf wrote:

> I develop a product with a substantial amount of pseudo-AI in it, and we
> have finally woken up to the fact that Java bytecode is relatively easy
> to decompile. And it is very difficult to prevent file access from
> someone who has hardware access. We simply cannot afford the risk of our
> unprotected compiled Java classes falling into the hands of the
> competition, a risk we would not have with natively compiled code.

While I completely agree that bytecode is easy to decompile, there are a 
couple of things you can do about that.

Most importantly, you can use an obfuscator to make sure the bytecode cannot 
be translated back into any meaningful form of Java source code. Of course 
you can always still "read the bytecode" but this is very similar to "reading 
assembly code" which makes Java as safe or unsafe as any other compiled 

> Java was marketed on the basis of its portability, but nowhere have I
> seen this portability as being an advantage within the OSGi community.

For us, this portability is a big advantage, and I think many people using 
OSGi will agree. I've been using OSGi for quite some time now and over the 
years I've seen frameworks being run on a wide variety of hardware platforms. 
Of course not every application will need this portability but in general I 
do think it's an advantage. Just look at the broad set of bundles available 
in the open source domain. Having those available for all these different 
hardware platforms surely shortens the time to market of many solutions.

Greetings, Marcel

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