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Re: [oscar] Disadvantages

Dear all,

Regarding the disadvantage (keyword: disadvantage, weakness, limitation) of OSGi, I found some material on Internet, which I find it very useful :)

1. Some disadvantage mentioned here
Hall, R. S., Cervantes, H., "An OSGi Implementation and Experience Report," IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC), Las Vegas, USA, January 2004.

Hall, R. S., Cervantes, H., "Challenges in Building Service-Oriented Applications for OSGi," IEEE Communications Magazine, May 2004.

2. An excellent analysis on OSGi based RGW
Ben Hillen (TNO Telecom), Igor Passchier (TNO Telecom), Jacco Kwaaitaal (TU/e), Archi Delphinanto (TU/e), André Cybulski (TU/e), "OSGi in Residential Gateways", March 2004

The material is just a google away ;)

Sian Lerk

On 3/15/06, David Lindelöf < david.lindelof@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This mailing-list has expressed much interest in an OSGi "reading list".
Would you like to share the titles of the books you have been able to

my blog: http://blog.kiawin.com/
I have some GMail invitations.. interested tell me :)

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