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Re: [oscar] Disadvantages

In a non-OSGi project we have had very good experiences with Zelix too, so it's nice to hear it works for OSGi. Ideally, you would like to completely automate the obfuscation in Ant. Do you have any specific tips that?

Yep - that's exactly what we've done in our build process:

    <target name="vtmp-dist-obfusc8">
       <!-- TODO: need to provide usage & change control of prev. change logs -->
        <property name="dir.obfusc8" value="${dir.build}/obfusc8"/>
        <property name="obf.dest" value="${rls.tmp}/obf"/>
        <mkdir dir="${obf.dest}"/>
        <!-- Note we don't run ZKM with -JAR option here. This seems to cause
             the classpath not to get passed thru correctly to the Zelix
             script -->
        <java classname="ZKM" fork="yes" failonerror="yes">
            <jvmarg value="-Xmx1000m"/>
            <arg value="-l"/>
            <arg file="${dir.dist}/ZKM_Log.txt"/>
            <arg file="${dir.obfusc8}/VtScript.zel"/>
                <pathelement path="${java.class.path}/"/>
                <pathelement path="${dir.obfusc8}/ZKM.jar"/>
                <fileset dir="${dir.lib}">
                    <include name="**/*.jar"/>
                <pathelement path="${dir.obfusc8}/jmxri.jar"/>
                <!-- Needed for the Oracle help built in Browser, OracleIce -->
                <pathelement path="${dir.build}/ext/jmf.jar"/>
            <sysproperty key="obf.src" file="${rls.tmp}"/>
            <sysproperty key="obf.home" file="${dir.obfusc8}"/>
            <sysproperty key="obf.dest" file="${obf.dest}"/>
            <sysproperty key="obf.changelog" file="${dir.dist}/ChangeLog.txt"/>

Note that we're still on quite an old version of Zelix (3.x), so the specific Zelix options/properties may have changed somewhat in newer versions

We keep the various obfuscation log files created in case we need to decode a customer supplied stack trace back to the classes and line numbers. We don't do incremental obfuscations at this stage - so we need to keep obfuscations logs for each distributable release we create. As noted in the TODO - the  process of storing these is not automated at this stage.


-- Rob


Ascert - Taking systems to the Edge
+44 (0)20 7488 3470

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