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CCNC 2007: Call for Papers

For those doing OSGi work and interested in publishing papers, the CCNC
conference is a good place to publish your work if it is at all related
to the topics.

-> richard


                - CALL FOR PAPERS -

    CCNC2007 - IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference
   11 - 13 January 2007  ~   Las Vegas, NV, USA - Harrah's Hotel & Casino ~
(Co-located with the International Consumer Electronics Show, 8-11
January 2007)


           Visit: http://www.ieee-ccnc.org/2007

IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), sponsored
by IEEE Communications Society, is a major annual international
conference organized with the objective of bringing together
researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry
working in all areas of consumer communications and networking. CCNC
2007 will present the latest developments and technical solutions in the
areas of wireless, multimedia, and consumer networking, enabling
technologies (such as middleware), and novel applications and services.

The conference will include a peer-reviewed program of technical
sessions, special sessions, business application sessions, tutorials,
and demonstration sessions. Authors are invited to submit complete
unpublished papers, which are not under review in any other conference
or journal. Authors should submit a five-page technical paper manuscript
(or a two-page demonstration summary) in double-column IEEE format
including authors' names and affiliations, and a short abstract through
EDAS, following the submission guidelines available on the CCNC2007
website. Only electronic submission will be accepted. Topics include,
but are not limited to, the following:

Wireless Networking

   * Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
   * Body and Personal Area Networks
   * Wireless QoS
   * Cross Layer Optimization
   * Vehicle Networks
   * Wireless Access Networks (Wireless LANs, WiMAX, Cellular Networks)
   * Multi-hop networks
   * Seamless Roaming Techniques and Technologies
   * Wireless Home Networks: Architecture and Protocols
   * Wireless Security
   * Wireless Multimedia Networks
   * Power and Topology Management
   * Emerging Wireless Technologies (e.g., Ultra Wideband, OFDM)

Multimedia Networking

   * Peer to Peer Networking
   * Software Radio for Multimedia Support
   * Image/Video Sensor Networks
   * Multimedia Support over Multi-hop Networks
   * Distributed Coding
   * Network Diversity for Multimedia Support (e.g., Path Diversity,
     Multiple Antennas etc.)
   * Network Security and Privacy
   * Multimedia Forensics
   * Technology and Economics of Entertainment Networks
   * High Definition Audio/Video Networking
   * Internetworking
   * Distributed Gaming Protocols
   * Last Mile Network Technologies
   * Multimedia Distribution Protocols
   * Multimedia Network Architecture
   * Network Management and Control
   * Multimedia QoS Protocols
   * QoS Support and Performance
   * Residential Gateways

Enabling Technologies

   * Multimedia Technologies (e.g., Retrieval, Processing,
     Synchronization, Integration, Systems, etc.)
   * Digital Rights Management Systems
   * Gaming and Virtual Reality
   * Human-Machine Interface and Interaction
   * Thin Client Support
   * User and Service Mobility
   * Service Composition
   * Look-up Technologies
   * Operating Systems for Mobile Devices
   * Database Management Systems
   * The Semantic Web
   * Data and Program Migration
   * Service and Device Discovery
   * Standards and Interoperability
   * Wearable Computers
   * Pervasive Computing and Contextual Systems
   * Home and Internet Middleware (e.g. Java, .Net, XML, OSGi, JTWI,
     JXTA, MHP/OCAP, UPnP, etc.)
   * Embedded Platforms

Novel Applications

   * Networked Appliances
   * Peer-to-Peer Applications and Services
   * Mobile Applications
   * Entertainment and Games
   * Multimedia Applications (Video Conferencing, Video-on-Demand,
     Distance Learning, Voice/Video over IP, IPTV, etc)
   * Home Automation
   * Medical and Health Care
   * Surveillance, Home Monitoring
   * Service Evaluation
   * Accessibility
   * Multi-Modal Interactions and Applications
   * Context-Aware Services and Applications
   * User Interface for Mobile Devices
   * Seamless Mobility
   * Quad Play
   * e-Commerce, m-Commerce
   * Location-based Services
   * Personalization
   * Virtual Home Environments
   * Field Trials and Usability

# There will be a Best Paper Award and a Best Student Paper Award.
# There will be a Best Demonstration Award for the best demonstration,
as judged by a special Venture Advisory Committee.
# Several Student Travel Grants will be made available.

Important Dates:

   * Technical paper submission deadline and Special Session proposal
     submission deadline: 30 June, 2006
   * Technical application panel and tutorial proposal submission
     deadline: 1 September, 2006
   * Paper acceptance notification deadline: 15 September, 2006
   * Demonstration proposal submission deadline: 18 September, 2006
   * Final camera ready paper submission deadline: 10 October, 2006

NEW IEEE/COMSOC POLICY: all accepted CCNC 2007 technical paper
presenters must register at the FULL registration rate. For authors
presenting multiple papers, one FULL registration is valid for up to
three papers.

Steering Committee:

Chair: Rob Fish, Panasonic, USA
Vice Chair: Stan Moyer, Telcordia, USA
John Barr, Motorola, USA
Maurizio Beltrami, Philips, Netherlands
V. Michael Bove Jr., M.I.T., USA
K.C. Chen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Alex Gelman, Panasonic, USA
Alan Kaplan, Panasonic, USA
Ki Won Lee, Samsung Electronics Co. LTD., Korea
Dave Marples, Telcordia Technologies, UK
Madjid Merabati, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Naohisa Ohta, Keio University, Japan
Kumar Ramaswamy, Thomson Inc., USA
Curtis Siller, Cetacean Networks, USA
Mehmet Ulema, Manhattan College, USA
Heather Yu, Panasonic, USA
Doug Zuckerman, Doug Zuckerman Associates, USA

Organizing Committee:

   * General Chair: John Barr, Motorola, USA
   * Technical Program Chair: Wenjun Zeng, University of
     Missouri-Columbia, USA
   * Technical Program Vice Chairs:
         o Wireless Networking: Gary Chan, Hong Kong Univ. of Science &
           Tech, China
         o Multimedia Networking: Rajarathnam Chandramouli, Stevens
           Institute of Technology, USA
         o Enabling Technologies: Alan Messer, Samsung, USA
         o Novel Applications: Bin Wei, AT&T Research Labs, USA
   * Special Sessions co-Chairs: Hang Liu, Thomson, USA; Qian Zhang,
     Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Tech, China
   * Workshop Chair: Nidal Nasser, University of Guelph, Canada
         o  DRM Workshop Chair: Xin Wang, ContentGuard, USA
         o NIME Workshop co-Chairs: Marco Roccetti, University of
           Bologna, Italy; Giovanni Pau, UCLA, USA; Abdennour
           El-Rhalibi, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
         o HWN-RMQ Workshop Chair: Muhammad Jaseemuddin, Ryerson
           University, Canada
   * Technology Applications Panels Chair: Stan Moyer, Telcordia
     Technologies, USA
   * Demo Chair: Dave Marples, Telcordia Technologies, UK
   * Tutorial Chair: Mario Kolberg, University of Stirling, Scotland
   * Career Forum Chair: Zhu Liu, AT&T Labs, USA
   * Publication Chair: Yingtao Jiang, University of Nevada at Las
     Vegas, USA
   * Publicity/Liaison Chairs:
         o  Europe: Guenter Schaefer, Technische Universtaet Ilmenau,
         o North America: Yi Shang, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, USA
         o Asia Pacific: Morikawa Hiroyuki, University of Tokyo, Japan
         o Latin America: Nelson da Fonseca, State University of
           Campinas, Brazil
   * Patron Chair: John Barr, Motorola, USA
   * Local Arrangements Chair: Mei Yang, University of Nevada at Las
     Vegas, USA
   * IT co-Chairs: Lina Dong & Yingnan Zhu, University of
     Missouri-Columbia, USA
   * Finance Chair: Mike Kincaid, MSK Associates, USA
   * Treasurer: Bruce Worthman, IEEE Communications Society, USA
   * IEEE Society Liaison: Raouf Boutaba, University of Waterloo,
     Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
   * IEEE Communications Society Project Manager: Diane Williams, IEEE
     Communications Society, USA

Patrons: Panasonic

Please visit the website (http://www.ieee-ccnc.org/2007) for more info
on the:


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