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Re: [oscar-dev] Oscar updates

Unfortunately, the spec is pretty clear about this, a bundle is not supposed to try to update itself.

What it seems like you need to do is to create an updater bundle, where you tell it what to update. In that case, it can download the JAR file first to its local storage and then call update on the target with an InputStream to the JAR file.

Something like that might work.

-> richard

Bruno Tesnière wrote:

I have a problem about Oscar bundle self-updates :

I'd like to update the "HTTP Service" bundle, but my repository requires
to use a bundle that needs the "HTTP Service" itself to access it.

So if I stop the Http Service, I stop too the service delivered by my bundle which permits to access the repository, and the update fails.

A similar case would be the update of the Oscar main bundle (which is not implemented), which requires to have the bundle to update not stopped.

The update mechanism seems to be :
* stop the bundle if activated
* get the code archive and copy it into the cache
* create the module
* start the updated bundle if activated

Could we imagine to stop the bundle after we get the updated bundle code? Do you have any suggestions...



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