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Re: [oscar] Oscar 2.0 project release status

Oscar 2.0 is now Felix 0.8.0 in the Apache Incubator. We are working on a 
first public release, but if you are willing to check the code out of svn and 
install maven to build it, then it is all available now. Let me know if you 
need help.

-> richard

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From:  "Michael C. Moore" <moore@xxxxxxxxx>
Subj:  [oscar] Oscar 2.0 project release status
Date:  Sun 21. May 2006 1:43 pm
Size:  1K
To:  <oscar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

                  Is there an update to Oscar 2.0 release status? I see that 
the last posting was May 2005. I was curious if there will be any more 
updates (perhaps a beta or other milestone release).
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