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EasyBeans, the Objectweb EJB3 Container implementation is available as OSGi Bundles

Hi all

We are really proud to announce that EasyBeans
(http://www.easybeans.org) now have an *OSGi version*.

This is the *first* EJB 3.0 Container implementation completely
available as *standard OSGi bundles*.

*EasyBeans/OSGi* requires an OSGi R4 gateway to work.

It is completely *OSGi R4 compliant* (meaning that it can run on any R4
compliant gateway) and has been tested on the Felix
(http://incubator.apache.org/felix) and Equinox
(http://www.eclipse.org/equinox) platforms.

Even the *EjbJars are OSGi bundles* !
And this is really *simple,* all you have to do is to inject an *OSGi
MANIFEST* into your existing EjbJar.

*Download* the assembly here:

* http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=5&release_id=1701

And the related *documentation* is available here:

    * http://wiki.easybeans.org/xwiki/bin/Main/OSGi
    * http://wiki.easybeans.org/xwiki/bin/Doc/OSGi-Assembly

Comments are very welcomed (easybeans -at- objectweb.org)!

Enjoy !


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