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Re: [oscar] oscar.auto.start

David Lindelöf wrote:
Dear all,

I have some bundles that I would like to start automatically when Oscar
starts, even if Oscar has previously shut down while the bundle was
stopped. For example, I want bundles to start even if they were in the
process of being updated (and hence stopped).

Can I use the `oscar.auto.start' keyword for that? Will it start bundles
that have already been installed?

Any bundles listed on the auto-start property will be installed (if need be) and started every time the framework starts.

-> richard

p.s. You should check out Felix (http://cwiki.apache.org/FELIX/index.html), since it greatly improved upon Oscar.

Looking forward to your help,
David Lindelöf
Product Developer
Adhoco AG
Jagerstrasse 2
8406 Winterhur
tel +41-52-203.2903
mob +41-79-415.6641
fax +41-52-203.2904
e-mail david.lindelof@xxxxxxxxxx
url http://www.adhoco.com
weblog http://visnet.ch/~lindelof/smartbuildings/

You're either part of the solution or part of the problem.
                -- Eldridge Cleaver

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