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Re: [oscar] oscar.auto.start

David Lindelöf wrote:
Since these bundles are most likely to be installed from a file:*
location, but their updates available from a web server, is it possible
to change the location of a bundle after it is installed?

I thought I responded to this, but since I didn't see a message to the mailing list, I will send it again...

You cannot change the location of a bundle after it is installed. However, you can use the update(InputStream) method to update a bundle from any location.

In truth, you can also set Bundle-UpdateLocation to be a different URL, but I don't recommend this approach since it is confusing.

You could also play some games where you initially install the bundle with the web server URL, but using an InputStream, then it would be the appropriate URL for updates.

Or another ugly possibility would be to manually edit the bundle cache, since this information is stored as ASCII.

-> richard

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