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Re: [oscar] Moving to Felix

On Friday 13 April 2007 17:51, David Lindelöf wrote:
> java.protocol.handler.pkgs=com.acunia.wonka.net
> java.content.handler.pkgs=com.acunia.wonka.net
> (Was I right in specifying the bootdelegation part?)
> Unfortunately, even with this I still get the same error at the end of
> this email.
> Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Well, not sure if you gotten around to solve this yet, but;

If you are using the 'java.protocol.handler.pkgs' mechanism, you MUST put the 
Handler classes in the System Classloader and nowhere else (well extension cl 
will also work). This is due to a change somewhere back in JDK1.1, where an 
extra level method call was introduced and the URLClasspath class will look 
for the caller and find java.net.URL instead of the client of java.net.URL, 
and hence identifies a 'null' classloader (boot cl) and therefor reverts to 
obtaining the system classloader.

Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer

I  live here; http://tinyurl.com/2qq9er
I  work here; http://tinyurl.com/2ymelc
I relax here; http://tinyurl.com/2cgsug

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