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ESB working group

Hello all,


After the ESB initiative launching, and our first discussions and exchanges, we invite you to collaborate and discuss on the forum of our new ESB Working Group ( http://www.objectweb.org/phorum/list.php?f=51 ), especially if you think you have relevant components for ESB.


Please confirm us as soon as possible your attendance at the meeting in Paris on oct. 4th, and your participation to presentations. Please don’t forget too to subscribe to the ESB mailing list (http://www.objectweb.org/wws/info/esb ).


For any further information, please apply to us.



Best regards,




INRIA Rhône-Alpes - ObjectWeb Consortium

ESB Initiative

email : alain.boulze at objectweb.org, claude.meynier at objectweb.org

phone : +33 (0)4 76 61 54 87


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