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Re: [owv2] OwV2 Second Workshop Minutes

Hi all.

Thanks Cédric for the Minutes.
One single comment, we need to have asap the positions description for the MO if we have to recruit.


Cedric Thomas a écrit :
Dear All,

Weren't we all impressed by the meeting room the European Commission
booked for us last week? Thanks to your efforts our workshop was up to
the standard expected by such a venue. Let's dream we will be back there
someday and fill the room entirely.

Please find attached the minutes of ObjectWeb V2 Second Workshop. Do not
hesitate to write or call should you have any correction, question or

Next workshop will be on Tuesday, November 7, 2006. Beside the usual
budget and transition plan issues the agenda will concentrate on
organizing the Councils and their priorities: Technology Council,
Ecosystem Council, Operation Council. Let me know if you want to put a
topic on he agenda before we draft it.

Again, we need support to complete the transition process to V2. FYI, for
the next six weeks our priorities are:
- Finalize IPR policy and Membership Agreement
- Establish Technology Council (including projects IP situation)
- Establish Operations Council (including Special Budget Meeting)
- Register NewOrg (including translating Bylaws in French - any volunteer?)
- Merger talks with Orientware
- Staffing the Management Office
- Next workshop
- Updating V2 web pages
- Pursuing Members recruitment efforts

If you can help, send us a quick mail to: owv2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you!

Best regards,


Cedric Thomas
ObjectWeb V2    cedric.thomas at objectweb.org
C: +33 611 430 431          D: +33 140 301 303

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