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Re: [proactive-support] Re: [proactive] ConstructionOfProxyObjectFailedException

Hi Luc,
source code is available at

there is almost everything except classes.
To compile the source:
cd ProActive/compile
./build all under linux
build.bat all under windows

Another thing: Next version of ProActive is based on log4j for logging
purpose. So when starting your jvm, you have to specify a log4j config file.
There is a default one under ProActive/scripts/unix or windows called

java -cp.....   -Djava.security.policy=ProActive/scripts/unix/proactive.java
-Dlog4j.configuration=file:ProActive/scripts/unix/proactive-log4j ----

you can set it as well in deployment descriptors.
Those descriptors are now validated automatically against a schema. (Some
tags have changed)

Some documentation under src/org/objectweb/proactive/doc-files has been

Let me know if you have any problems.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Luc Girardin" <luc.girardin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Romain Quilici" <Romain.Quilici@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: <proactive-support@xxxxxxxx>; <Fabrice.Huet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 10:54 AM
Subject: [proactive-support] Re: [proactive]

> Dear Romain,
> > Indeed there was a bug in ProActive, at the point you mentionned. This
> > has been corrected. There was a bad interaction between ProActive
> > Classloader and Rmi Classloader, and in very specific situations, the pb
> > mentionned occured.
> > Two solutions:
> > If you are not in a rush, the next version with all fixes and many
> > improvements is scheduled for the beginning of October.
> > If you need the fix now, we can send you a zip file, but it is going to
be a
> > beta release. Indeed we cannot send you just the file, since many
> > occured in the source code.
> Thanks a lot for your prompt answer!
> I don't mind the beta status and this way I could make sure that when
> the next version of ProActive is released, then it will run smoothly
> with RePast. Would be great if you could send the source code as well
> (just in case a bug needs to be investigated).
> Take care,
> Luc
> --
> Luc Girardin  Macrofocus GmbH, Wasserwerkstr. 10, CH-8006 Zurich
>        email: luc.girardin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>        phone: +41 1 350 52 18
>          fax: +41 1 350 52 19
>          web: http://www.macrofocus.com/
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