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Re: Problems with Proactive

Hi Christiane,

I apologize to be so late to respond.

Have you set the JAVA_HOME variable to your Java distribution ?
example : export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.4.0

This is theoretically the only thing to do to run the examples (The "final" CLASSPATH is automatically set by the scripts).

The error may also occur because of your PATH. Check if it is OK : java binaries, scripts directory, ...

If the error persists, do a new mail with the details of JVM used, operating system, values of JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH, PATH, ...

Let me know
Thanks for your interest

Hi,I'm trying to execute the example Hello, but it didn't work well.
Every time I try to execute this message occurs :

The system couldn't find path.

I looked into the help but i do every think that was there, but
ProActive don't work. What can I do?
thank you,

Christiane Pousa

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