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ProActive and Fractal 2.0 specification draft

Bonjour a tous,

We are currently working on an implementation of the Fractal model for the 
ProActive library, and here are a few comments about the draft specification 
of Fractal :

1. new kinds of components
In our implementation, we have defined a new kind of component : parallel 
components. It is a specialization of the composite components, where all 
enclosed components are of the same type than the enclosing component.
The bindings are performed - possibly automatically - between the enclosing 
component and the enclosed components, linking interfaces of the same type. 
Maybe this new kind of component could be envisaged somewhere in the spec, as 
an extension possibility for example?

2. listFc method
We also agree, as was suggested in a previous message, that the listFc method 
(of the BindingController) has a confusing name, as it only returns client 
interfaces, but we understand it cannot be changed easily. 
Nevertheless, could this particularity be outlined in the javadoc?

3. Attribute control in 4.2.
should we read " a component that wants an AttributeController interface for 
read only string attribute foo must provide a sub interface of this interface 
containing the following operation void setFoo(string foo)"?
I wonder if we shouldn't read getFoo, as the attribute is read-only?
Same comment for the write-only attribute.

4. collective interfaces
In the specification (6.1), it is written "these interfaces are created 
You impose a constraint on the creation of the collective interfaces (lazy 
instantiation). Couldn't this constraint be removed? You could then write 
"these interfaces *can* be created lazily".


Matthieu Morel <Matthieu.Morel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

PS : We will soon post our review of the new ADL specification

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