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Re: [college] A benchmarking student project


I'm sorry about the current status of CLIF documentation. The thing is that:
As a result, I did not spend time on documenting evolving code and features, and the first documentation has become outdated.

I commited one week ago the new version based on Fractal 2, with some pieces of Javadoc for relevant classes/interfaces. Be sure I'm now going to work on documentation, especially if there are known CLIF users. Moreover, you can expect active support from me.

Having users (and contributions?) from the ObjectWeb community is of course of major importance for CLIF project.

Philippe, please contact me to tell me more about your needs and deadlines.

Best regards,
-- Bruno.
 Dr. Bruno DILLENSEGER         France Telecom R&D
 Distributed   Systems   Architecture  Laboratory
 phone: +33 4 76 76 41 46, fax: +33 4 76 76 45 57
 e-mail       bruno.dillenseger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 web          http://bruno.dillenseger.online.fr/

Emmanuel Cecchet a écrit:
Unfortunately, you are right but I think we can quickly find a solution.
Some documentation has been produced but not published on the web and Bruno was recently porting CLIF to Fractal v2.
He is also working on updating the documentation. Bruno, can you tell us more on this?


Philippe Merle wrote:


If you tried to browse http://clif.objectweb.org
and its OW gforge, you will discover that the
documentation and examples are very poor (if exist). Then it will be hard to give this powerful framework
to young students. They will have a lot of studies
to understand how using the various middleware to
benchmark. For these middleware, documentation and examples exist.
So we could try to apply CLIF in our context
when we could understand how using CLIF and
what the user benefits will be. 
Emmanuel Cecchet wrote:

I remind you that CLIF is an injection framework that has been designed
to inject load in a system to automate benchmarking.
CLIF is implemented in Fractal and I can only encourage other
initiatives to contribute to CLIF.
Main components include:
- scenarios to inject load
- sensors/probes to monitor the system
- console to deploy a distributed load, control the load injection
scenario and display monitoring information.

Bruno Dillenseger is the lead of CLIF and will explain it much better
than me, but I encourage you to develop CILF scenarios (Fractal
components) to benchmark your systems.
We could organize a meeting of this topic if you wish.


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