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Re: [proactive] Strange problem


I am having a strange problem, I have been using a AO Controller class to create and manage calls to AO in a prototype build which I used before. Now I implemented it in my real code, Now what is happenning is that it is not finding the AO Controller, it is giving follwoing exception

Exception while creating AO = org.objectweb.proactive.ActiveObjectCreationException: Class can't be found e=java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: unizh/AOController The class file is in this folder of unizh which is AOController but its not picking it up. One thing I found out is that, its ProActive that is not picking up the class file. Can you help me in this regard.

This looks like a classpath problem, but it is difficult to give an answer based on the information you gave. Could you provide the full stacktrace for the exception, so that we know where the exception originates from?



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