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NotSerializableException Problem?


I have one query, we are usig some jar libraries in our application, as ProActive wants methods called on AO to be Serialized, I am facing NotSerialsed exception below:

NFE[LOCAL]: SendRequestCommunicationException: Exception occured in reifyAsSynchronous while sending request for methodcall = performEventSetPacket: NotSerializableException: java.lang.ThreadLocal at org.objectweb.proactive.core.body.proxy.AbstractBodyProxy.reifyAsSynchronous(AbstractBodyProxy.java:227) at org.objectweb.proactive.core.body.proxy.AbstractBodyProxy.reify(AbstractBodyProxy.java:124)

We don't have these libraries source code, so what should we do to make it serialised? Or do you have any other approach to this.

Hope to see your reply soon.

Thanks and Regards
Hamid Mahmood

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