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problems with barrier


I'm student from Torun, Poland.
I'm using your concurrent library and have found some problems using
barrier from ProSPMD (which cause runtime errors). After some tests
with my own code I've changed one of your classes
(org.objectweb.proactive.examples.nbody.groupoospmd.Domain) and I
think it may not work how I supposed it would. After running changed
oospmd version of nbody without display I've found that some planets
computes new positions before other gives them needed data (despite

I enclose my version of Domain class.

Fragment of examplary output:
(0) Compute movement. 47
(1) After the barrier in 45
(1) Compute movement. 46
(1) Before sending position in step 46
(1) Gets the barrier in 46

Planet 0 computes movement in step 47 before planet 1 computes
movement (and could send its position to 0) in step 46.

Please tell me, if I'm not correct and advise how to solve this
problem. I need a simple total barrier (and group barrier in future).

with regard
Lukasz Mikulski

Attachment: Domain.java
Description: Binary data

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