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Monitoring the Futures: Monitoring Active Objets to detect futures that will stay awaited forever

Monitoring the futures:

It seems there are needs in several applications to monitor Active Objects: especially make sure an AO is still alive when one is having one or several futures being expected from it.

In some cases, for reactivity reason, it might be important to detect "as soon as possible" that one has failed (building something relying on a DGC might not be an option because of a too long general TTU). Such problem was raised by users at Supelec.

So we are considering various options to achieve that:

- Active Object Monitoring:
  A pattern put together by Ludovic Henrio and Virginie Legrand.
  Main idea: an AO is monitoring a set of active objects. Upon an AO failure, 
  returns in a dedicated future the failed AO.

- A general mechanism allowing to have a hidden thread in ProActive 
monitoring a
  set of future.
  For instance, a future could be set for monitoring with a static call:
  if the AO supposed to return a future being monitored seems to have failed,
  the future is filled up (no longer awaited) with:
        - an exception indicating the failed AO, etc.

  Note that this mechanism should be compatible with Automatic Continuation
  (forwarding the failure to other AOs expecting the same future value).

  We could also have an API:
  that will monitor all futures being created by an AO, and
     ProActive.setFutureForMonitoringTTU(x ms);
  to configurate the frequency of monitoring.


Those two solutions are not incompatible, and could fit specific needs.

Potentially to be thought about is also a mechanism for activating the monitoring of AO.

We are planning to discuss those issues soon.
Please send us suggestions and comments,
Denis, Francoise, Ludovic, Virginie
   Denis Caromel mailto:caromel@xxxxxxxx   Tel.: +33 4 92 38 76 31  Fax: 76 44
   Professor                               http://www.inria.fr/oasis/caromel
   IUF, Institut universitaire de France
   Univ. de Nice Sophia Antipolis          INRIA, 2004 Rt. des Lucioles,  BP 
   OASIS, INRIA - I3S CNRS - UNSA          F-06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

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