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Re: Monitoring the Futures: Monitoring Active Objets to detect futures that will stay awaited forever

On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 17:27 +0200, Denis Caromel wrote:
> Monitoring the futures:
> It seems there are needs in several applications to monitor Active Objects: 
> especially make sure an AO is still alive when one is having one or several 
> futures being expected from it.
> In some cases, for reactivity reason, it might be important to detect "as 
> soon 
> as possible" that one has failed (building something relying on a DGC might 
> not 
> be an option because of a too long general TTU). Such problem was raised by 
> users at Supelec.
> So we are considering various options to achieve that:
> - Active Object Monitoring:
>    A pattern put together by Ludovic Henrio and Virginie Legrand.
>    Main idea: an AO is monitoring a set of active objects. Upon an AO 
> failure, it
>    returns in a dedicated future the failed AO.
> - A general mechanism allowing to have a hidden thread in ProActive 
> monitoring a
>    set of future.
>    For instance, a future could be set for monitoring with a static call:
>        ProActive.setFutureForMonitoring(fut);
>    if the AO supposed to return a future being monitored seems to have 
> failed,
>    the future is filled up (no longer awaited) with:
>       - an exception indicating the failed AO, etc.
>    Note that this mechanism should be compatible with Automatic Continuation
>    (forwarding the failure to other AOs expecting the same future value).
>    We could also have an API:
>       ProActive.setFutureForMonitoringAll();
>    that will monitor all futures being created by an AO, and
>       ProActive.setFutureForMonitoringTTU(x ms);
>    to configurate the frequency of monitoring.
>                          ----------------------------
> Those two solutions are not incompatible, and could fit specific needs.
> Potentially to be thought about is also a mechanism for activating the 
> monitoring of AO.
> We are planning to discuss those issues soon.
> Please send us suggestions and comments,
> Regards,
> Denis, Francoise, Ludovic, Virginie

It is really what I need for the Branch and Bound API.

For the moment I manage a Vector of Futures. I have to frequently ping
workers with a one-way call to check if the active object is still
alive. When I detect a worker down, I remove its future in my Vector,

That is why I suggest an another method for monitoring futures:

a frist one to monitor a vector of futures:

and a second one to get the index of the first future failed and remove
it from the vector:
        int indexOfFailedFuture = ProActive.getMonitoredFailedFutureAnd


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