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Re: Monitoring the Futures: Monitoring Active Objets to detect futures that will stay awaited forever

> It is really what I need for the Branch and Bound API.
> For the moment I manage a Vector of Futures. I have to frequently ping
> workers with a one-way call to check if the active object is still
> alive. When I detect a worker down, I remove its future in my Vector,
> etc.
can your whole mechanism be explained in a few minues: I am interested in it
(when you have time)

> That is why I suggest an another method for monitoring futures:
> a frist one to monitor a vector of futures:
>       ProActive.monitorFutures(vectorOfFutures);
what does this do : is it blocking? or does this work by adding/using a thread
(like Denis proposal), in which case it seams that yours is finer grained,
which seems interesting

> Alexandre
interesting comments ...


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