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Re: [proactive] Re: Monitoring the Futures: Monitoring Active Objets to detect futures that will stay awaited forever

Ludovic Henrio wrote:
On Tue, 18 Apr 2006 13:03:18 +0200
Guillaume Chazarain <Guillaume.Chazarain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Denis Caromel a écrit :

Please send us suggestions and comments,

Another solution might be to generalize Alexandre's solution to
the whole ProActive stack. The waitFor() and waitForAny() methods
would be rewritten to periodically poll the object, like this:
while (!futureUpdated() && !objectHasProblem()) {
   wait(MIN(timeout, CONSTANT_DELAY));

This seems interesting.

In any case, it seems important to detect a WbN on an no-longer responding AO.
Diagnistic will be more precise:
   "Corresponding AO no longer reachable",
or something like that, rather than just
   "Timeout on future WbN".

In order to achieve the original goal, (Detect as soon as possible that a future won't be filled up, and reschedule the job.), we still need to have a mechanism that, for instance, fill-up a future with an exception when we can no-longer hope to have the real value.

So the two solutions seems to complement very well each other.
   Denis Caromel mailto:caromel@xxxxxxxx   Tel.: +33 4 92 38 76 31  Fax: 76 44
   Professor                               http://www.inria.fr/oasis/caromel
   IUF, Institut universitaire de France
   Univ. de Nice Sophia Antipolis          INRIA, 2004 Rt. des Lucioles,  BP 
   OASIS, INRIA - I3S CNRS - UNSA          F-06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Pro: Transparent "fault tolerance"
Con: Network overhead.

Well, if we are still able to do a good old wait without overhead, this
method also seems OK, provided wait(...) is interrupted upon the reception
of futureUpdated()


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