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Re: problem with ssh under windows

On Fri, 17 Aug 2007 04:05:27 +0200
"Wasseim AL Zouabi" <waseem50@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have ben trying to connect to a regular linux machine from windows,
> I have been trying to alter the hellowrold example for my purposes
> and all I get is the result cited in log.txt, it is worth mentioning
> that I can make a conection using the ssh.bat file provided, and also
> the log from this communaction is attached too. I have also attached
> the modeified descriptortor file that  I used in y connection.

ssh.bat is not used by default as you can see it in the log file:

ssh -l hpcwasim mango.hlrs.de

You must use the commandPath argument to use ssh.bat script instead of
the default 'ssh' command.

Secondly, you will face to a ProActive bug when deploying from
windows to linux. You can bypass it by using this trick:

> I would really appareciate any help I could get,, Its is worth
> reminding that this is a windows machine, do we have a certain place
> to store the public keys under windows?? What can I do??

See org.objectweb.proactive.core.ssh.SSHClient. Options are documented
in the javadoc. This client has been entirely rewritten some month ago.
Be sure to read the good documentation.

Otherwise you can also install cygwin and the ssh command...

Best regards,

Clément Mathieu
Software Engineer
OASIS Team - INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
04 92 38 71 65 

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