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Re: [proactive] ProActive errors/warnings

Ian STOKES-REES a écrit :
I have two kinds of errors from ProActive which confuse me:

1. When I use ProActiveDescriptor.killall(true); I get this message for every node:

11758 [main] WARN proactive.remoteobject - unable to contact remote object at rmi://pollux.inria.fr:1099/PA_JVM424951533_pollux.inria.fr when calling killRT

What does it mean?

It means that the remote runtime has closed the TCP connection used for transmitting the procedure call (killall).

As killall does a System.exit(0) that terminates the java process, the TCP stream is closed before a clean exit from the method. In that particular case, the behavior (message shown) can be considered as normal.

I have on my todo list to improve that behavior by mimicking the RMI behavior i.e. be silent for procedure call that does not return a value.

2. Log4J configuration file is not passed to remote nodes properly. It looks like something clever is being done to determine the real absolute file path on the launch machine and then assume that path is available on the remote machine, rather than pass directly the value of -Dlog4j.configuration value directly. Is there any way to avoid this?

Unfortunately, there is no clever thing done neither by us nor by the JVM. In fact, when a file is opened (even through a symbolic link) only the real path is used by the JVM. This is why is you deploy from your computer and if your home is located on the computer, remote processes will use the real path. A workaround is to initiate the deployment another computer or also as Clement told you to specify the log4j configuration path in the deployment descriptor for each JVMProcess you are using.



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